Sager Small

(206) 372-9016
Brief info

After attending culinary school in Seattle at the Art Institute, Sager spent the next ten years working as a line cook in numerous French restaurants such as Rovers, Luc, and Cafe Presse. During this time, he developed a deep appreciation of the synergistic values that food and wine can bring to one's life. Upon returning to Walla Walla, Sager served as Woodward Canyon's resident chef and enrolled in the Walla Walla Community College Enology and Viticulture program. Since graduation, Sager has transitioned into assisting viticultural practices on the Woodward Canyon estate vineyard and aids in producing small-lot wines with his father Rick. When Sager is not working he will likely be found fly fishing, playing guitar, gardening with his dog or drinking Fernet Branca on an outdoor patio.