Expansion of the research lab and office space at the Center for Enology and Viticulture on the Walla Walla Community College campus began October 13 and is expected to reach completion by March 30, 2009.

The 1,077 square foot project is funded by an Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ) grant through the Washington State Department of Commerce Trade and Economic Development. Funds pass through the City of Walla Walla to the college.

Industrial Constructors, Inc. out of Richland was the successful bidder as the project went through the competitive bid process. Their bid came in at $267,600 (plus sales tax).

“We are particularly excited with the expansion of our downstairs lab,” said Valerie Fayette, director of the Center. “That’s where all the wine analysis and chemistry is done, but it was so small that we had to run labs constantly. The new space will accommodate 20 students so Mike (Moyer) will only have to schedule two labs per week.”