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The Institute for Enology and Viticulture

The mission of the Institute for Enology and Viticulture is to educate the next generation of vintners and viticulturists through hands-on training in the cutting-edge estate teaching winery, and to propagate and preserve wine industry partnerships throughout Washington state.

Our students have produced hundreds of award winning wines.

Our students cultivate 15 grape varieties in our 8 acres of teaching vineyards.

Educators and Wine Industry Members

Our Team

Tim Donahue

Director of Winemaking, CEO

Sabrina Lueck

Instructor of Enology / Brand Manager

Joel Perez

Director of Viticulture/Vineyard Manager

Danielle Swan-Froese

Winery Manager

Marcus Rafanelli

Vintage Winemaker
What They Say

Student Stories

All students participate in making at least one red wine, but I got to do something really special. I started our Carmenère with a pied de cuve, which is a natural yeast prepared in the vineyard, from just the yeast found on the skin of the grapes. It involved hand picking, hand crushing, and a week’s worth of visiting the crushed grapes out in the vineyard, where they began their fermentation under the sun and the moon. The fermentation was really strong, and our Carmenère not only went through primary and malolactic fermentation faster than all the other reds, it tasted fantastic too!

2015 Carmenère

Abra Bennett, Class of 2017

I think what impressed me most was the quality of Seven Hills Fruit, especially in 2015.  The warmest year on record in Walla Walla brought a ton of rich, ripe fruit that made big, well-structured wines.  It has been a great learning experience for us as we now compare and contrast 2015 to the much cooler vintages of 2016 and 2017.  You realize what an important role mother nature plays each year in the vineyard and the corresponding impact to the wines you are able to make

2015 Merlot and 2015 “La Laurelia”

JJ Menozzi, Class of 2017

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